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"Made of the Sun and molded by the moon, Madison is who comes to mind when I think about living life dancing on the silver line of harmony. Driven by inner development and the magic of play, she embodies soul nourishment and creative expression."


Madison is on a quest to provide value and service to the world through works of art, one vision at a time.


An artist of sound and color who's just returned to LA after years in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, Madisons' entrepreneurial spirit has led her to build a life full of freedom, creativity, and play. She has established an unwavering love and fullness for joy that overflows into her endeavors.


Musically, Madison is discovering her sound at the intersection of alternative indie and soulful R&B. Her dream is to create music that the listener feels held and seen by. She has just released her first series of raw, soulful demos, entitled, "august (demos)", that both honor imperfection and embrace simplicity. 


Color plays a significant role in Madison's creations as well. She grew up drawing and entered the magical realm of Photoshop in college while studying graphic design. Her style is heavily influenced by nature and music//sound.










She's stretched into a variety of roles to capture the essence of an artist's vision; designing album art extended into photography and directing the shoots for an artist's rebranding, which then extended into collaborating with other photographers and artists on edits to bring a new essence to each project...


She experiments with new and unfamiliar roles in the vein of color and sound as a way to gain fresh insights and believes the more she can get out of her own way and allow what wants to come through to reveal itself, the better. Especially when it's supporting one another's visions coming to life.


She also created The Free Artist Movement L.L.C., which launched as a series of virtual conferences featuring 32 artists, visionaries, and leaders from around the world. The series(s) were focused on artist empowerment, wellness, and the healing power of creativity.  


Following the series, she created bundles of meditations, and soundscapes aimed to inspire rest, connection, and soul-nourishment within the listeners.


Her playground exists in the magic of shifting perspectives. In this space, she is constantly expanding --in sensitivity and understanding to a steady rhythm in life. She looks to our heart as our greatest teacher and believes we all have the tools ourselves to create a home within, to come back to, and extend to all beings we encounter while we're here together.



the FAM 

series #1

the free artist movement

the FAM's first virtual series was dedicated to supporting artists with their mental, physical & spiritual well-being.

21 speakers joined me on this quest,
including a range of entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders such as Tina Lifford, Whitney Freya, Dr. Marie Mbouni, Tim Anderson, Cait, Kevin Lyman (creator of Vans Warped Tour), Gianna Wurzl & Brooks Atwood, Kiley Mac, Ashley Neumeister, Johnny Boucher (CEO of Hope For The Day), comedian Dr. Jeffrey Gurian, Aimee Leigh, Natalie Backman, Elizabeth Woolf, Jillian Strauss, Dynasty Electrik, Suzanne Paulinski, Erin Ward & Justine Miller, and Duncan Kirkwood. This was the kickoff to the F.A.M community.